​RAW. Environmental Protection that is Paying off!

​Why RAW?

​We help our customers – companies from the metalworking industry, automotive and chemical industries, transport and construction sectors – to manage the handling of substances harmful to health and the environment in a safer, environmentally sounder way and in compliance with the law as well as, in this context, to improve their economic performance. 

​HOW does it work?

​​Firstly, our customers use our products for preventing risks posed by the exposure to hazardous liquids or for safely removing them when liquid spills have already occurred. Secondly, our customers develop, with our support, solutions reducing, in this context, (process) costs in a significant way and increasing the efficiency of their own core processes.

​WHAT do we do?

​We provide customers with technical environmental solutions all over Europe, we develop useful services for customers and partners and we offer comprehensive advice, i.e., in the complex interplay between ecological, legal and economic requirements. In this way, we make a contribution to environmental protection based on customer benefit.    

WHO are we

Das RAW Green-Team

​The RAW Green Team

Marco Wittstock, Geschäftsführer

​“The protection of the environment is one of the major social challenges. For the companies, the opportunities lie in increasing their competitiveness. We help our customers to reconcile economics with ecology and, in this way, we make our own contribution to the protection of the environment.” 

Marco Wittstock, General Manager    


​Spillosens Solutions

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​Wide range of products to respond to spills and damage for end users and trade partners

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​Wintersol Solutions

Wintersol Solutions

​​​Environmentally Sound and Material-Friendly De-Icing Agents


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