​​Environmentally Sound and Material-Friendly De-Icing Agents

​​​Eco-friendly and powerful

Why Wintersol

The Wintersol range of products is specifically designed to meet the requirements of winter services providers, facility management or operators of public facilities. It provides real solutions to problems when conventional de-icing and gritting agents for ice and snow control do not meet user needs, some of which are highly complex. Safety on walkways, roads and other traffic areas has the highest priority. The effectiveness of the products and the impact of the agents used - on people, materials and the environment - play a nearly equal role. That’s why the assortment comprises products with “particularly eco-friendly”, “very material-friendly” or “extremely powerful” features.


​In order to achieve the best results when using the Wintersol products, we provide our customers with expert and comprehensive advice. In the course of personal discussions, we find out more about the individual requirements and offer specific suggestions on how to choose and to use our products.

Detrimental Effects Rock Salt


For clearing snow and ice, Wintersol offers effective products perfectly combining both aspects. The range includes, for instance, fully biodegradable, liquid de-icing agents – awarded the “Nordic Swan”; salt-free winter grit granules without sharp edges – certified with the ecolabel “Blue Angel” – or efficient thaw granules and a liquid de-icer.  

​De-Icing Agent
"Ice & Dust Away 25"

Ecological de-icing agent Ice & Dust Away

Liquid ecological de-icing agent with the ecolabel "Nordic Swan"

​​De-Icing Agent
"Ice & Dust Away PLUS"

Ecological de-icing agent Ice & Dust Away Plus

​Liquid ecological de-icing agent with the PLUS for extra strong melting action

​​Liquid De-Icer
"Ice Breaker"

De-icer, Liquid de-icer Ice Breaker

​​​Efficient de-icer for surfaces of any shape

​​Ecological Winter Grit
"Ice Bear"

Winter grit

​​Very powerful winter gritting agent without salt, for this reason awarded the ecolabel "Blue Angel".

​​​Thaw Granules
"Ice Breaker"

De-icing agent-Thaw granules

​​Powerful Effect. Ice Breaker Thaw Granules can be used at a temperature of -50 °C.

​​​Pressure Sprayer
"Elephant Jet"

Pressure Sprayer "Elephant Jet"

​​Pressure Sprayer For Liquid De-Icing Agents


Winter gritting agents-Grit bin

​Grit Bin