​​​​Ecological De-Icing Agent
Ice & Dust-Away 25

​​​​Safe. Environmentally Sound. Certified.

​​Liquid ecological de-icing agent with the ecolabel "Nordic Swan".
Certified safety for the environment oriented user. The Nordic Ecolabel sets very high standards for the environmentally friendly properties of agents for ice and snow clearing.

Ecological de-icing agent Ice & Dust Away


​​Safety In Particular When Used For Preventive Treatments

​​​​Environmental Protection With Certificate

​Low Corrosion - Even On Concrete

​​​What Should Be Considered? 

​Advantages Of Liquid Melting Agents

​A TIP From RAW To Act In Compliance With The Law

Accessories for liquid de-icing agents

​Equipment: ​​Pressure Sprayer Elephant Jet