​​​​​​​Ice Breaker Liquid De-Icing Agent

​​​​​Liquid Thawing Agent With Ice-Breaker Qualities

​Ice Breaker Liquid De-Icing Agent is particularly suitable for areas where the use of granular thawing agents is not possible such as, for example, steeply sloping driveways and loading ramps or for de-icing operations carried out on machine parts and vehicles.

Even at very low temperatures, Ice Breaker Liquid De-Icing Agent is an effective product for winter maintenance to remove ice sheets on surfaces of any shape.  

De-icing agent, Thawing agent Ice Breaker

​​De-Icing Agent for very deep temperatures


​Strong Action

​​​​Economical Dosing

​Gentle On Materials

What Should Be Considered?

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