​​​Belt Skimmers

When it is necessary to remove tramp oils in the coolant tanks of machine tools or to skim off surface oils in ultrasonic, process and chemical baths, industrial washing machines, industrial wastewater collecting tanks, etc. – RAW offers the right Belt Skimmer.  

Mode of operation of Belt Skimmers

Belt Skimmers are a type among a wide range of Oil Skimmers. Our Belt Skimmers remove oil by means of immersion and adsorption. This Oil Skimmer type performs the oil recovery via an oleophilic endless belt made of synthetic material or textile fabric. Oil sticks to the belt but not water-based liquids.

The belt of the Skimmer is immersed in the liquid, it recovers the oil and pulls it up over the lower tail pulleys. The oil is then mechanically separated from the belt of the Skimmer through a scraper and is conveyed to a recovery tank.  

Video mode of operation of Belt Skimmers

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​Pictures of Belt Skimmers
 Oil skimmer-Belt skimmer 100-B
Oil skimmer-Belt skimmer 200-B
 Oil skimmer-Belt skimmer 200-42
 Oil skimmer-Belt skimmer 300-28


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​Belt Skimmer Videos

  • ​Type 100-B
  • ​Type 200-B
  • ​​Type 200-39
  • ​​Type 300-28
  • ​​Type ​400-56

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