​​​Optimise Your Use Of Lubricants With Professional Products!

​​​​​​The innovative OIL SAFE system optimises lubrication works and makes them easier and safer.

​The fully sealing units prevent dirt and moisture from getting into the fluid and maintain the performance characteristics of the lubricants. ​The high-quality and colour-coded lid system in combination with the durable HDPE containers ensures a practical, fast and safe handling.

​The different lid types suit each application, from transferring the lubricant to its precise dosing, in an optimal way and are available with appropriate accessories. ​Thanks to the clear labelling of the lubricants, the risk of misapplication and cross contamination with consequent high costs is avoided and the work process is considerably simplified.

Oil can lubricants system

"Oil Safe" oil can system

​​Accessories Oil Safe Labelling – Labelling With System

​Almost all lubricants are substances hazardous to water and are subject to strict ​labelling requirements.

​​Label Safe Labelling System ​is integrated in the oil can system and enables an identification of the different materials assigning these, in a clear way, to the whole lubrication workflow process, from storage to disposal.

​Combined with the oil can system, Oil Safe Labelling offers unique safety and efficiency benefits. The right lubricant is quick at hand and is applied at the right lubrication point.

Oil can system for lubricants
Oil cans-Labelling system
Oil cans-Labelling system
Oil cans-Labelling system
Oil cans-Labelling system

​​Proper Handling Of Lubricants

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