​Refractometer for Emulsions

​Refractometer Brix 0 – 20 % ATC*
- For the optimization of cutting fluids

RAW Brix Refractometer is designed to measure the emulsion concentrations in the metalworking industry.

  • Specially conceived for emulsions, it shows the most accurate result compared to other Brix scale measuring instruments
  • Less wear and tear of machines and tools
  • Cost saving
  • Easy to use and calibrate (step-by-step instructions)
  • The Refractometer is delivered in a solid leather case, all necessary accessories for operation and maintenance are already included
  • Double joints ensure that the cover plate always fits exactly on the prism
  • Can also be used under normal lighting conditions 
Refractometer-Hand refractometer

Save money by achieving optimum working conditions. It is important that your cutting fluids have the correct mixture ratio. Too low concentration results in poor lubrication and your tools will wear out faster. Too high concentration results in unnecessary high costs and the temperature will rise faster.

Our Refractometer is unique compared to other Brix scale refractometers. It is specially designed to measure the concentration of emulsions and will therefore always show a correct and accurate result.

Refractometer-Hand refractometer

All you need to do is adding a few drops of your emulsion liquid to the main prism. Close the cover plate and ensure that the fluid covers the entire prism area. Point the Refractometer towards a light source and instantly you will be able to read the exact value.

Technical features

Setting range0 - 20%
Accuracy+/- 0,1 %
Dimensions27 mm x 40 mm x 150 mm
Weight175 g

*ATC = Automatic Temperature Correction