Ergonomic Workplace Mats

Safety and health in stationary standing positions

​Why Workplace Mats are so important

Millions of workers stand in one position for long periods: whether in factories, assembly lines, in the retail area for people working as sales clerks and cashiers or in the service sector such as, for example, in hair salons and barber shops. Standing for long periods may have a negative impact on workers’ health.

The one-sided strain on muscles, joints and spine as well as a poor blood circulation can cause fatigue and even chronic pain, herniated discs and inflamed veins. Another consequence of constant standing is the lack of concentration leading to mistakes in production, demotivation and, last but not least, absenteeism. According to a survey of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health on the subject “Women performing a standing job task”, there are, for example, twice as many days of absence as in other occupational groups due to disorders of the ligaments and muscles as well as diseases affecting the vascular system. 

Workplace mat

Also the BGW (the German Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention in the Health and Welfare Services) recommends ergonomic mats for standing work stations to increase employee well-being and satisfaction and to prevent damage to health. Combined with their anti-slip effect and foot protection against cold floors, the use of mats also reduces the risk of accidents and increases the efficiency of production.

RAW Anti-Fatigue Mats are a clearly profitable investment. From an ergonomic point of view, they lower costs thanks to healthy and safe work environments and generate economic benefits thanks to efficient work practices and motivated employees.

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​​ErgoSafeMat Standard

​To prevent health problems

RAW ErgoSafeMat Standard (Anti-Fatigue Mat) was designed to reduce fatigue that is caused by standing in one position for long periods. Relaxed and comfortable standing improves the productivity of the workers and helps to prevent health problems.    

RAW ErgoSafeMat Standard (Anti-Fatigue Mat) is suitable for virtually all work environments. Due to its durability, it was originally conceived for industrial use alongside assembly lines, at workbenches, etc. Today it is being used to an increasing degree also in non-producing areas such as offices, schools, etc.

Workplace mat

​​Anti-Fatigue Mat "ErgoSafeMat" Standard

​Material composition