​​​Foldable Cargo Spill Containment Berms

​​​​​​Innovative and extremely effective

Cargo Spill Containment Berms have been specially designed to transport hazardous liquids on pallets. The pallet can be placed laterally via forklift in the opened spill containment sump. The berm is put on a pallet and, in this way, it can be easily transported by a forklift.

The Cargo Spill Containment Berm (FMA.C1 and FMA.C2) accommodates euro pallets; as regards the dimensions, the berm FMA.C3 has been specially designed for the use of chemical pallets (1.140 x 1.140 mm).

The berm FMA.C1 is equipped with metal fittings, steel ropes and carbine hooks and, therefore, it can also be used as a multi-functional spill containment sump.

Spill containment sump-Foldable spill sump-Transport sump
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