​​​​​​Conductive Collapsible Spill Containment Sumps

​With ATEX Classification

​​Collapsible spill containment sumps made from conductive special fabric cover with grounding cable and brass clamp. For use in explosive atmospheres and/or in all areas where highly flammable liquids are processed.

Spill containment sump-Foldable spill sump-Mobile spill containment sump

Mobile spill containment sump-Spill sump-Foldable spill sump

​Flexible protection against spills and leaks specially developed for the high security standards in, for example, refineries, fuel depots, chemical factories, fire brigade intervention when hazardous materials incidents occur or other areas where explosive atmospheres can form.

​​Conductive Collapsible Spill Containment Sumps

  • ​Your Benefit
  • ​Compliance
  • Preventive environmental protection and reduction of the risk to be held responsible (operator liability) for damage when handling water-polluting liquids
  • According to § 5 of the German Environmental Damage Act (USchadG), in the event of an imminent threat of an environmental damage, the responsible party must promptly take the necessary preventive measures
  • According to the German Federal Water Act (WHG), the secure containment of liquid escapes is a duty
  • Infringements result in penalties with fines up to 50.000 €, for example, illegal storage, dumping or transportation of materials or illegal discharge of substances into surface water / coastal waters