​​Cans for Filling and Decanting Operations

​Safety Cans are an economical and reliable solution for the safe handling of flammable liquids.

Safety cans for flammable liquids
Safety cans Accuflow
Safety cans for flammable liquids
Safety cans for flammable liquids

​Product Range

  • ​Type 1
  • ​Type 1 PE
  • ​Type 2
  • Cans for Liquid Transfer

​Type 1 Polyethylene Safety Cans for Flammable Liquids

Product Features

  • Justrite​® Safety Cans constructed of chemical resistant, high density polyethylene are well suited for highly flammable corrosive liquids and acids.
  • Due to their sturdy design, the safety cans are heat, dent, puncture and chip resistant.
  • The self-closing, leaktight pressure relief lid prevents the escape of vapours and automatically closes after filling and pouring operations to avoid accidental leaks of hazardous liquids.
  • All models of the safety cans have a dual-density flame arrester of double wire mesh. It prevents the ingress of ignition sources without reducing the liquid flow in the safety can or from the safety can.
  • A patented, unique conductive carbon insert is fixedly embedded into the rib of the safety can between flame arrester and closing mechanism. When used with a grounding cable, this provides proper grounding.
  • The hardware is of stainless steel for greater chemical resistance.
  • Technically (FM) approved and tested in the U.S.A.
Safety cans for flammable liquids of PE
Decanting operations-Safety cans