​​​​Spill Containment Sumps for a Safe and Compliant Storage of Hazardous Materials

​​Hazardous Material Storage Requirements

​​​General Information

Spill tray for hazardous substances
Spill sump, Oil spill sump, Hazardous materials spill sump
Plastic sump, Spill containment sump
IBC spill sump

​​RAW PE Spill Containment Sumps

​PE spill containment sumps of RAW ​are distinguished by a sturdy construction. ​The prerequisite to obtain a “Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung” (general technical approval) with "Ü" mark is that successful load testing is carried out with at least 4 times the load imposed on the sumps.

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​Spill Trays for Small Containers

​Drum Sump Pallets

IBC Sump Pallets

Roofed Stations for Hazardous Substances

Mobile PE Spill Containment Sumps

Connectable Floor Safety Elements with Low Profile