​​Combi Oil Booms

​Combined containment and suction of oil on bodies of water


Oil absorbent boom for fire brigades

RAW combi oil boom for water protection

Oil boom with very absorbent PP fill material

Oil boom to absorb and confine pollutants


  • ​​Combi Oil Boom I
  • ​combi Oil Boom II
  • ​​Quick deployment, easy handling
  • ​​High absorption capacity
  • ​​No cleaning is necessary, easy disposal

Thanks to its skirt, the combined Active-Passive-Boom prevents that floating pollutants pass beneath. 

CombiBoom I consists of a portion with polypropylene filler (Ø 20 cm) fixedly connected to the structure, the flakes are encased in a polypropylene coating and a tubular polyester netting. The ballasted skirt is made of PP/PE and has a draft of approx. 25 cm.    

Oil absorbent boom, Oil absorbent snake

Combi Oil Boom I

Polypropylene has an enhanced absorption capacity and continues to float on the surface of the water even when it is fully saturated. CombiBoom is easily and quickly deployed. The system for connecting the boom sections together ensures a complete tight seal, this also between the single skirt elements.    

The disposable boom is efficient and cost-effective. No cleaning is necessary and, due to its 100% combustion efficiency, the disposal is inexpensive and easy.  

Fields of applicaton: onshore, streams, rivers, small canals, small lakes (calm water)

T​ecnical Data

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