​​Oil Absorbent Booms (Active Oil Booms)

​For the absorption and containment of oil on water surfaces

Effective cleanup of oil spills on water

Use of absorbent oil booms after oil accident

Oil booms with powerful cork absorbent fill material

CorkSorb oil absorbent boom

Oil boom to effectively absorb hydrocarbons and oils

Accidents with oleaginous or chemical substances occur frequently. These accidents are often accompanied by  considerable contamination of the environment. People, animals and the environment are directly affected. The largest impact can be seen in waters. Cleaning up oil spills on water ist very difficult and it results in high costs.

Therefore, it is urgently necessary to reduce and remove the contamination with subsequent disposal as soon as possible.

In this case, Oil Booms are used.

Product Range

  • ​Booms with PP-Flakes
  • ​Booms with PP-Cotton
  • ​Booms with Cork

Immediate solution after oil and fuel spills on the surface of the water

The active CorkSorb Oil Absorbent Booms are designed for a rapid spill response in bodies of water to confine and at the same time absorb contaminants. They are fast and easy to deploy, water-repellent and float on top of water even in the saturated state.

The Oil Absorbent Booms are equipped with practical snap hooks to allow single segments to be rapidly linked together to whatever length is required and to be overlapped.

Oil boom with natural CorkSorb filler