​​​​Belt Filter Systems

​For lower costs and less production downtimes

Belt Filters are used for the effective removal of unwanted particles in fluids.

The filter systems have the advantage of a large filtration area, continuously replaced by a clean nonwoven filter cloth, once it is blocked. This ensures an optimal utilization of the nonwoven filter cloth and maximum production time.

Filter systems are used in many industrial sectors:

  • Water treatment
  • Coolants and lubricants
  • Cleaning of process water
  • Car washes
  • Chemical industry
  • Paint industry
Belt filter system
Belt filter system
Belt filter system

RAW Belt Filter Systems ensure that

  • less production downtimes and consequently economic benefits occur
  • a complete utilization of the nonwoven filter cloth is obtained and 
  • the disposal costs for waste are kept as low as possible

RAW Belt Filter Systems are available for different capacities.

Function of Belt Filter Systems

The fluid is led to the nonwoven filter cloth where the unwanted particles are withheld. Filtration degree can be as fine as 10 micron. When the nonwoven filter cloth is blocked (completely used up), a new piece of filter cloth replaces the old automatically. This ensures continuous production processes.

Low disposal costs

The used filter cloth is rolled up and the waste is collected in a basin. This ensures that disposal costs are kept down or a recycling occurs in the process.

The nonwoven filter cloth is delivered on rolls and is therefore fast and easy to install.

Legal requirements

Belt Filter Systems meet following legal requirements and regulations:

  • European directives RoHS​
  • CE marking (Conformité Européenne)