​​Drain Covers, Containment and Sealing Systems To Prevent Materials Hazardous To Water Entering The Drainage System

​Containment of damage and pollutants

​When incidents with pollutants cannot be excluded, adequate protective measures must be taken in order to mitigate damage and liability risks. RAW drain covers, containment and sealing systems are effective preventive and emergency response measures when, during handling hazardous materials, it cannot be ruled out that leaks occur or when a release of substance has already taken place.

They are quick and easy to deploy and reusable. We recommend the preventive stocking of proper drain covers, containment and sealing systems in the immediate vicinity of each drain of your premises. Furthermore, ensure that your employees are well trained in dealing with emergency situations.

Models and Variants

​Drain Covers

Drain cover

​They prevent pollutants entering drains and the sewer system

​Spill Dikes

Spill barrier-Spill dike

​​Malleable spill barriers of polyurethane contain pollutants

​Drain Plugs

Drain plug

​Quick and secure seal for drains and pipes

​Drum Tourniquet

Drum tourniquet

​Secure seal for steel and plastic drums