​​​​​​Drain Covers

For preventive use or as an emergency measure for the protection of the drainage system

Drain Covers made of polyurethane or Magnetic Drain Covers


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  • ​Drain Covers Polyurethane 
  • ​M​agnetic Drain Covers

​The polyurethane Drain Protectors (Drain Covers, Gully Covers) are available in different sizes.

They prevent spilt liquids entering drains, grids or gullies and, therefore, protect drainage systems against contamination.

You only have to place the Drain Protector on the manhole and the leak is stopped. RAW Drain Protectors (Drain Covers) resist most oils and a wide range of water-based industrial chemicals. Due to their flexibility, they can be used immediately on nearly every surface, they are re-usable (easy to rinse with water and soap) and, therefore, very cost-effective.  

Drain Cover-Gully Cover

User Benefits

  • Preventive environmental protection
  • Quick hazard control and damage mitigation after incidents involving mineral oil products or other chemicals
  • Safety when liquid spills occur on premises, in the industry and in production facilities
  • For preventive use or as an emergency spill measure


  • The sticky bottom layer is made of flexible polyurethane (100 % elastomer), the upper side of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a high-density polyester, and silicone
  • The square drain protectors are equipped with two strengthened handles; this facilitates the handling of the manhole cover
  • A space-saving storage of the square drain covers is ensured by two clamping straps enabling the product to be easily rolled up
  • Every square drain protector is provided with a field for the date of production (month and year)
  • The drain cover is UV-resistant
Drain Cover
Drain cover-Drain protector-Gully cover

RAW Drain Protectors are not electrically conductive and also available in a silicone free version (special order).

Due to their low own weight and space-saving volume, RAW Compact Drain Protectors are ideal for a quick and mobile spill response, e.g. on vehicles used for rescue and emergency services.

They are designed to avoid damage to the environment and prevent unwanted ingress of liquid hazardous materials into the sewer system or soil.

Drain cover-Drain protector-Gully cover