​3-Ply Construction Of The Oil Absorbent Mats

(Oil Sorbents, Oil Absorbent Pads) Prevents Liquids From Reaching The Floor

​​​​​Oil absorbent mat (oil binding agents, nonwoven oil sorbents) ​for absorbing almost all common oils, coolants, lubricants, solvents and water-based liquids, for example, acids and bases.

​In industrial and production plants, there are often – due to production conditions or an older machinery – smaller leaks at machines; contamination of the working environment and a greater risk to the safety of employees are the consequences. Conventional methods like, for example, the use of products in granules or sawdust which, unfortunately, is often still used (and is wholly unsuitable because it increases the risk of fire) lead in all cases to further contamination because dirt clings to shoe soles and is accidentally carried into other working areas.

Oil sorbents-Absorbent protection mat

​​Oil absorbent mat  "Allround Floor Protection"
​for enhanced safety and cleanliness in foot and vehicle traffic areas

​Example Of Application / Testimonial Oil Absorbent Mat

Specialist for solutions ​in the field of aviation fuelling services. 

​Present in more than 13 countries and operating at 69 ​international airports.


​​We use the floor protection mats as a preventive safeguard measure during fuelling operations. Keeping ​the floor areas clean in an "efficient" way has top priority. The absorbent mats have an excellent suction capacity, the barrier layer keeps floors clean. For us, the ideal solution.

Florian Beck, Technical Manager

Oil absorbents-Oil absorbent pads-Mat

​The sturdy top layer transports liquids into the inside of the mat and effectively resists high stresses due to foot and vehicle traffic.

Nonwoven oil sorbents-Floor protection mat

​​The super absorbent middle core layer soaks up liquids in an efficient way.

Absorbent pad roll

​The barrier layer with anti-slip properties prevents absorbed liquids from reaching the floor and, therefore, keeps the floor clean.

Product Features And User Benefits:


  • ​Abrasion resistant top layer transporting liquids into the inside of the mat
  • ​Super absorbent middle layer trapping liquids safely
  • ​Barrier layer with anti-slip properties preventing potential liquid leaks from reaching the floor

Slip resistance properties and also its capacity to withstand curling and buckling predestine the product even for long-term usage.

​User Benefits

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    ​Greater safety, cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace
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    ​Low disposal costs thanks to low own weight
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    ​Efficient prevention of contamination and/or absorption of liquids commonly used in the industrial sector

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​​Improved Compliance And Minimisation Of Liability Risks With The preventive Stocking Of Proper Absorbent Materials