​​​​Oil Absorbent Pillows and Chemical Absorbent Pillows

For use with spills and in leaking areas

The solution for leaking valves, pipes, pipe joints, etc.

Oil Absorbent Pillows provide a quick help whenever the primary problem can not be solved immediately or leaking liquids have to be captured while undertaking repair works.

Oil absorbent pillows-Oil sorbents-Chemical sorbents

Absorbent pillows to efficiently absorb hazardous materials

Oil Absorbent Pillows

​Oil-Only Oil Absorbent Pillows are suitable for absorbing oils and other hydrocarbon-based liquids. They can also be used outdoors because they will repel rain water.

​Oil Absorbent Pillows with polypropylene absorbent fibres

​Oil Absorbent Pillows with cork

Absorbent Pillows for chemicals

​Universal (Chemical) Absorbent Pillows are suitable for absorbing almost all common oils, coolants, lubricants, solvents and water-based liquids such as acids and bases.

​​Universal Absorbent Pillows with polypropylene absorbent fibres ​

​​Absorbent Pillows with Universal Absorbent Concentrate