​​​​​Oil Binder and Chemical Binder Type "R", Elephant Sorb

Powerfully absorbent oil binding agent and chemical binding agent for all traffic and industrial areas with particular features!

Safety in industrial and production areas – without compromises.

Every minute counts when hazardous materials leak out. It’s good to have always the right binding agent within easy reach in no time. A universal appli cability for all liquid chemicals used in the com pany, a high absorption capacity and a rapid absorption are

For these reasons: Elephant Sorb. Can be used for virtually all common industrial liquid chemicals – so that leaks do not turn into major accidents.

Safety when leaks and spills occur on roads – without expensive consequential damages.

Due to improper clean-up of oil spills in traffi c areas, there are about 2.000 legal proceedings in Germany every year. The authority responsible for road construction and maintenance is liable for accidents resulting therefrom or for corrosion appearing on bituminous road surfaces.

For these reasons: Elephant Sorb.
100 % safe – also when used with unknown leaks and spills.

Oil Binder Elephant Sorb

​Elephant Sorb – THE granular absorbent
3 -times DEKRA certified

Removal of oil traces with Elephant Sorb
Oil Binder-Oil Binding agent-Removal of oil traces
DEKRA approved oil and chemical binder for traffic areas

​​Product Advantages and User Benefits:

The oil and chemical binder Elephant Sorb was tested three times by DEKRA and serves to effectively avert risks and control damage after incidents with, e.g., mineral oil products or other chemicals as well as to ensure safety when leaks occur on roads, in industry and production facilities. Elephant Sorb has non-slip characteristics even on surfaces soiled with oil. Moreover, Elephant Sorb allows particularly cost-efficient subsequent cleaning operations.  

  • ​Handling Advantages
  • ​Time Savings

​​Elephant Sorb is lighter than binding agents made of, for example, heavy clay. This simplifies significantly its handling when used.


​​​​A reclosable dispensing snout enables an economical and accurate use.


​​After having sprinkled Elephant Sorb on the contaminated surface, the product can be simpy swept up and properly disposed of (a disadvantage of, for example, clay granules is that they easily clump together and "cling" to the surface). 

​Particular Product Features:

  • Material Properties
  • ​Oil Binding Agent "R"
  • 3 Times DEKRA Tested

M​ineral granules
​​made from highly porous volcanic rock that is not soluble in water.


​​​The product absorbs oils and aqueous liquids, acids and bases, oxidative and combustible chemicals in liquid form quickly and safely.


​​Lightweight, but not susceptible to wind.

Ölbinder für Feuerwehren

​Oil Binder and Chemical Binder for Emergency Response

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​​Removal of Oil Traces

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