​RAW ​Biological Oil Stain Removers and Surface Cleaners

​​​Removal of ingrained oil stains and oily soiling

​​​​Biological Oil Stain Removers

  • ​OT 8
  • ​BIO TA
  • ​Forecourt Bio

Against oil, diesel and petrol stains

Aqueous cleaning suspension of bacterial cultures, nutrients, enzymes, solvent and surfactants.

Petrol stations need to be kept clean and free of oil contamination. Pump spills, particularly around diesel dispensers, are extremely difficult to remove. Traditional, alkaline based degreasing agents are often ineffective when dealing with diesel spills. These types of products could damage the paint of the pumps. Furthermore, when cleaning paint with alkaline degreasers, annoying emulsions frequently form, which are a major cause of poor separator performance. Traditional degreasers also present risks to both public health and the environment and subsequently require "hazardous" labelling.

The solution

FORECOURT BIO is a biological concentrated cleaner that

  • removes oil, diesel and petrol stains in an effective and quick manner
  • reduces slip hazards on forecourts
  • is particularly suitable to clean island and forecourt areas as well as pumps
  • is paint-friendly 
  • requires no "hazardous" labelling

​​Surface Cleaners