​​​Special Wipes to Clean Soiled Tools and Surfaces 

Special Wiping and Cleaning Cloths with particular features for most different purposes and highest demands   


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All-Purpose Cleaning Cloth with Many Uses 

All-purpose cleaning cloth for larger wiping and cleaning jobs - also for chip removal. The product is composed of cellulose and binder, is manufactured without any water and has two different surfaces. AIRLAID is characterized by a really good price-performance ratio. Because of its high liquid absorption, it is ideal when many cleaning and wiping operations are performed.

Main application areas

Machinery and engine manufacturing, care and repair of machines and engines as a cleaning cloth to absorb oil, grease, lubricant.

Wiping cloth-Airlaid


Synthetic fibers thermally bonded with nonwoven cellulose fabric.


  • Embossed surface for picking up dirt very well
  • Resistant against all known solvents
  • Particularly soft
  • Huge absorbency

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Industry-Wiping cloths Airlaid

   Accessory: Roll holder of stable tubular steel