Mercury Spill Kit

​​​​​​Special sorbent to soak up mercury

​​RAW Mercury Spill Kits are mercury sorbents that are especially designed for the safe handling of mercury spills. Conventional chemical sorbents are not suitable for absorbing mercury, as they repel mercury or chemical reactions take place. It is necessary to employ special mercury sorbents.

Mercury emergency spill kit

​​General information on mercury

​Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that occurs in liquid form already at room temperature and under normal pressure conditions. Exposed to room temperature, it begins to evaporate and forms toxic vapours.

It is possible to come into contact with mercury when, for example, mercury thermometers break releasing mercury. Direct inhalation of mercury vapours is the cause of toxicity. This is called acute poisoning. Chronic poisoning is also possible when people are exposed to small amounts for a long time.

​​Mercury-Spill-Kit: Details