​​Environmentally Sound and Material-Friendly De-Icing Agents

​​​Eco-friendly and powerful

​For clearing snow and ice, Wintersol offers effective products perfectly combining both aspects. The range includes, for instance, fully biodegradable, liquid de-icing agents – awarded the “Nordic Swan”; salt-free winter grit granules without sharp edges – certified with the ecolabel “Blue Angel” – or efficient thaw granules and a liquid de-icer.  

​Wintersol Range of Products

Detrimental Effects of Rock Salt


​De-Icing Agent
"Ice & Dust Away 25"

Ecological de-icing agent Ice & Dust Away

Liquid ecological de-icing agent with the ecolabel "Nordic Swan"

​​De-Icing Agent
"Ice & Dust Away PLUS"

Ecological de-icing agent Ice & Dust Away Plus

​Liquid ecological de-iceing agent with the PLUS for extra strong melting action

​​Liquid De-Icer
"Ice Breaker"

De-icer, Liquid de-icer Ice Breaker

​​​Efficient de-icer for surfaces of any shape

​​Ecological Winter Grit
"Ice Bear"

Winter grit

​​Very powerful winter gritting agent without salt, for this reason awarded the ecolabel "Blue Angel".

​​​Thaw Granules
"Ice Breaker"

De-icing agent-Thaw granules

​​Powerful Effect. Ice Breaker Thaw Granules can be used at a temperature of -50 °C.

​​​Pressure Sprayer
"Elephant Jet"

Accessories for liquid de-icing agents

​​Pressure Sprayer For Liquid De-Icing Agents


Winter gritting agents-Grit bin

​Grit Bin