​​​​RAW Oil Sorbents (Oil Binders, Oil Absorbents)

​Oil and Chemical Sorbents ​for the Economical Prevention and Removal of Leaks and Spills.

​​The legislator has laid down in detail the requirements for installations that handle substances hazardous to water. The Water Act provides for a precautionary principle comprising more than one stage:

​​1.    Timely detection of leaks
2.    ​Control of accident hazards, e.g. with the help of absorbent materials (binder for oil, oil sorbent, oil binding agent)
3.    Harmless removal of the residues

​With ​oil sorbents (oil binder, oil absorbent mat, oil absorbent pads) and chemical sorbents (absorption agents) ​you can absorb water-endangering and/or combustible liquid leaks and subsequently dispose of them without damage.

​Oil and Chemical Sorbents for Every Demand

RAW is your First Class Partner when it is about reliable products to safely absorb pollutants. We offer you a targeted choice of Premium Oil Sorbents and Chemical Sorbents ​for nearly all demands. 

RAW Premium ​Absorbent Granules ​

​RAW Premium Absorbent Granules (oil sorbents, chemical sorbents) ​are particularly suitable for absorbing high-volume spills in a simple and quick way or for soaking up leaks after accidents, for example, outdoors. RAW offers the right granular product depending on your concrete requirements.

RAW Premium Nonwoven Products

RAW Nonwoven Sorbent Products keep work areas clean in a systematical and economical way. Thanks to the targeted prevention of contamination, incidents and work interruptions ​as well as time losses connected with them are largely avoided. In case of an emergency, leaks and spills are quickly and effectively removed.