​​Powerful Oil Binder and Chemical Binder for Efficient Operations when Leaks occur

Oil and chemical binder with special properties

​The TÜV certified oil and chemical binder Green Stuff​® is unique in the combination of its features. ​It is characterized by huge absorbency, particularly fast absorbing performance – decisive product features for oil and chemical sorbents in case of an emergency – and its as yet ​unrivalled absorption capacity with pasty substances. The low weight makes its handling ​very easy and optimises disposal costs.

Absorption of Hazardous Materials with Green Stuff®
Absorbent Pillow under Drum

​Absorbent granules in bags

​​​Oil and chemical binder in granules: the best way to deal with thick substances.

​​Absorbent granules: fast, super absorbent, versatile and safe.

​Oil binder in granules: technical information

​Binder for oil and chemicals "Green Stuff": TÜV report


Absorbent Green Stuff®